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Test yourself for HIV at home

There's now a free and totally confidential HIV self test where you read your own result in just a few minutes.

More about the test and how it works.

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Our latest self testing pilot service has now closed. We distributed nearly 2,000 free HIV tests.

We hope to reopen this scheme soon to provide more self testing.

You can help us to do this, and support our work with people living with HIV, by making a donation now.

Although this pilot has ended, there are a number of other ways to get a tested for HIV. Find out how to get tested.

Let us know your result

Tell us your result quickly and securely. Help us to evaluate this service and direct you to relevant information once you've completed your test.

Why test?

Around a fifth of people living with HIV in the UK don't know they have it. It's important to know your HIV status. Testing puts you in control and, thanks to treatment, could stop you from getting seriously ill, enable you to live a normal lifespan and prevent you from passing the virus on to anyone else.

Perhaps your HIV status is not what you think it is. A test will let you know and a self test can give you the result immediately. Remember: a negative test result in the past is no longer accurate if you've taken risks since.

Support our services

This HIV self testing service has been funded by the charity Terrence Higgins Trust. Tests were provided free of charge, but you can support our work by making a donation.

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