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We will send you a free HIV self test or postal test in an unmarked package, to a qualifying address in Butetown or Grangetown.

There are two kinds of test on offer. The self test, for people who may be at higher risk, involves taking a small blood sample from a finger prick. Follow the simple instructions and you can read the result yourself in 15 minutes.

To order this self testing kit through Terrence Higgins Trust, please fill in your details below. We will share your name and address securely with BioSure UK who supply your order. They only use this data to post you the kit.

If you’re on PrEP or thinking about starting, please read this information about self testing and PrEP.

If you are not selected for the self test below, or don’t live in the right area, you can still order a free postal HIV test from Frisky Wales. You use the kit in the same way but you will have to post it back to them for a result. Both ways of testing are completely confidential – your GP will not know you’ve tested unless you tell them.

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